SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)


  • Basic knowledge of SD

Included in this course

Practice Tests 253 Questions

Practice Test 1 – High IMP

84 Questions – All Topics

Practice Test 2 – Normal

169 Questions – All Topics

We invite you to try online demo practice exam to get familiar with our SD 67 Certification Practice Exam.

Our online demo practice exam includes only basic SD 67 Certification questions. However, you may find scenario based questions in your actual SAP ABAP Certification Exam that needs more preparation and full dedication. Hence, we strongly recommend you to practice with our Premium SD 67 Certification Practice Exam.


Main Features:

  • 288 Questions

  • No repetition of questions

  • Scenario based questions

  • Monthly Update

  • Mobile Friendly Site

  • 5 Practice tests with High IMP and Normal Question

  • Guarantee of Passing certification exam

  • Specially designed for Certified Development Associate

  • Ideal for SD 67  exam

  • Monthly updates

Update: 17-09-2019

                 14 Latest questions have been added.

SAP Certification Exam Facts:

  • 80 questions

  • 3 hours

  • All question have same weighting ( every question is worth 1 point )

  • No partial scoring ( you get one point for the entire question or nothing )

  • Questions from same topic stay together, topic sequence is randomized

  • Source material is course handbook / e-book

  • Same 80 questions for everyone and every time

  • Always objective, never opinion based

  • No true/false questions

Exam taking strategies:

  • Use the elimination method, choose what is left.

  • Keep cycling through questions, don’t get stuck on one question.

Preparation strategies

  • Stick to course book / e-book, use another resource only to clarify

  • Look in the course material for keywords ‘always’, ‘must’, ‘never’ etc.

  • Look for bullet / tables / lists in course material

  • Look for ‘>> Notes’ in course material

  • Look for special cases / restrictions

  • Look for SAP recommendations

You will be tested on

  • Concepts, Functions, Rules, Limits, Prerequisites, Sequence of task, Best practices

and not  on

  • Screen content, Detailed practical knowledge, Past project experiences

Our professionals who are Certified Development Associate – SD have designed this practice test based on their own  experience in exam and material they used to prepare for the exam.

It’s very important to study Certification books. but reading books is not sufficient because in the exam you have to face very tricky questions for which you have to correlate multiple topics, only practice of solving question scan help you to answer such questions. Most of the time students skip this book because of less time for the preparation.

20 days of training hardly make you ready for the exam it’s your own extra effort that helps you to get certified. Our SAP Certified Development Associate has gone through multiple websites providing practice test questions when they were preparing for exam 67. While solving questions they found that answers given to questions were wrong and weren’t according to latest SAP SD.

We assured you will definitely clear the exam if you go through all questions in this preparation test.  Join the course and boost your chances of getting certified. Enjoy happy learning.

Who this course is for:

Anyone who are appearing for certification exam SD 67 code

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