Refer and Earn

 Earn a Reward for Yourself and Your Friends 


You may refer as many friends as you like.

The more you refer! The more you earn! Go ahead Share the gift of learning

Once you filled the form our team generate unique link for you and share it with you via mail.

Fill Form to get your unique Discount code

How it Works

Refer Your Friends

Share your unique
Discount Code to friends.

Your Friends Enroll

Friends enroll for a course of their choice with your Discount Code.

You Get 25%

Seamlessly receive Referrals for each friend who enrolls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be an ERPPreparation student to refer my friends?

No, Person who has filled the Refer and Earn form on ERPPreaparation can be a part of this reward program. 

How can I refer my friends/connections?

Once filled the form you will get your discount code within 7 days. You need to share this Discount Code with your Friend via personal communication, Mail, SMS or from WhatsApp etc

What does my friend have to do for the referral benefit?

Your friend needs to apply the referral code at the application stage for both of you to be eligible for referral benefits.

How much Discount my Friend earn using my Referral Code?

Your Friend get 33.33% instant Discount 

When will I be eligible for the gift cards/payouts?

Whenever your friend makes the payment with us and uses your referral code while filling the application/Checkout, you will be eligible for the referral benefits.

How do I get my Referral Money?

You should receive it within 30 days from date of Purchase. 

Usually your Referral bonus deposit within 7 working days.

How will I get the Payment?

On your first purchase you will get link from our site in which you have to mention your Bank Account details. 

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